109 Ways Companies Are Using Virtual & Augmented Reality Right Now

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 12 months, you will be aware of what virtual reality is and probably have an idea of how big the virtual and augmented reality market is going to be.  I am going to tell you anyway to make sure you know now…

By 2035, Citi Financial Estimates the vCommerce industry to be worth $1.3 trillion.  Yes, that is trillion with a “T”, we’re talking 4 comma club!  Now that is a massive number and surely not all of this is from virtual and augmented reality… or is it.  According to VR evangelist and author of the Fourth Transformation, A book about the transformative potential of VR/AR, Robert Scoble suggests ‘Users will start expecting brands to have mixed reality experiences in 2018. The big money will show up in 2020’

“Users will start expecting brands to have mixed reality experiences in 2018. The big money will show up in 2020.”
– Robert Scoble, Author ‘The Fourth Transformation’

Below is a list of as many ways that brands are using VR and AR right now to tell their brand story and I have done my best to attach an estimated price of what this might cost to give you the best understanding of how you can use this incredible new technology to make your brand stand out in a sea of marketing clutter.  I have broken this down by industry in order to make it easier to get to what is relevant for you.  Also included in this list is a section called Utilitarian which refers to tools made by brands that are actually useful.  This last section is the one I see the most promise in.

Before you get to the list, if you have any questions about what you read below or if you want to know how Virtual & Augmented Reality can impact your business, please feel free to email me directly at alan@metavrse.com or if you are like me and you want to read more about us, visit www.MetaVRse.com.




The Virtual Future of Retail

The Line Apartment VR Shopping Experience

Lowes In-Store Navigation using Google’s Tango Augmented Reality Technology

Lowes Virtual Reality Holoroom

Lowes Hololens Experience

Walgreen’s tests Augmented Reality Loyalty program

Sephora Augmented Reality Makeup App

IKEA Virtual Reality Kitchen


eBay VR Department Store

McDonald’s Happy Meal “Ski Slope”

McDonald’s Happy Meal VR Box

Coke Google Cardboard made from packaging

McDonald’s Farm Tour

Topshop Front Row Fashion Show

Dior present its own VR Headset

Rebecca Minkoff Google Cardboard

Merrell “Trailscape” VR

Boursin Sensorium

Gatorade Baseball

Dramamine Ad for nausea

Patron Tequila VR

Shinola Watch Factory Tour

American Express “You vs. Maria Sharapova”

Mountain Dew VR Skateboarding




Sodimac Home Centers VR


Viking Cruise Ship 360° Tour

Best Western Hotels use VR

Hilton uses 360° Video to promote room bookings

Marriott VRoom Service (in-room VR service)

Hilton Hotels 360° Tour Video

Flam Train 360° Experience

St. Regis Hotel Lobby Virtual “Matterport” tour


360° Photo Booth™

NY Times VR

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation VR

Late Show VR Pictionary

Coachella Livestream 360° VR

Coachella Augmented Reality Welcome Kit

MetaVRse VR Events & Entertainment

NBA & Mountain Dew team up for VR Art

Hunger Games VR/360 Experience

Molson Canadian Hockey Night in Canada VR

NTT Japan’s Telecom using VR/AR/AI



Overview of VR/AR for Mining

BGC Engineering uses Hololens AR to show mine reclamation

Lucara Diamond Mine uses VR/360 to show investors the mine site without travelling

Discovery VR ‘Gold Rush’ VR/360 series

BNN Interview with MetaVRse CEO, Alan Smithson


Joining the VR Mile High Club – UploadVR article on using VR in an airplane

United Airlines and Matt Damon show you the new Business class Boeing 777 before it’s built

Nicole Kidman introducing Etihad Airways in VR

Qantas Airlines VR app

Virgin Atlantic using VR to show future planes


Audi VR Showroom

Audi TT VR Experience

Volvo VR Test Drive

Lexus VR Experience

Lexus RX VR Experience

Nissan Rogue Tiltbrush

Ford VR Design Studio

Ford Rally Car 360° Experience

Ford VR app

Audi 360 Video with Gigi Haddid

Mercedes 360° Interior Tour Video

Mercedes Virtual Reality Showroom

Toyota Prius 360° Video

AT&T “It can wait” anti-texting and driving 360° VR campaign

Renault VR Prank


Virtual & Augmented Reality for Pharmaceutical Companies

VR For Life Saving Training

Virtual Reality Surgery Practice Simulator

Using VR to ease stress of dental procedures

Using VR to help seniors experience more

How VR is shaping the healthcare industry

BioFlightVR Physician Training and Simulations

VR Human Anatomy App

GE Neuro VR exploration of the Human Brain

Excedrin VR Migraine Empathy Experience

Bayer AR Teaching Tool

Schizophrenia Empathy VR

Article: 10 VR companies disrupting healthcare

VR Saves a babies life

World’s first 360° Live Surgery

Virtual Reality to study the brain

World’s First VR Medical Training Facility

VR Medical training Simulator

VR Guided Meditation

VR to treat Vertigo

VR to treat Cancer

Hololens visualization of Asthma attack

See inside the Human Eye in VR before surgery

VR to treat Mental Health


Symbility Intersect 360° VR Office Tour

Using VR to sell expensive pre-construction condos (InventDev)

Using VR Tours to sell Real Estate (VR Listing)

Augmented Reality Tour of new Mall

Matterport 3D Virtual Tour Platform  

YouVisit 360° Virtual Tour Platform

360° Virtual Condo Tour (YouVisit)

360° Virtual Private Club Tour

Retail Store Tour (360° Photos)


How VR is improving the Criminal Justice System

UTILITARIAN (useful tools using VR/AR)

Augmented Reality Piano Lessons (Hololens)

Architectural uses for Microsoft Hololens AR

Virtual Reality Resumes

Putting people inside a burning house to teach fire safety


If you made it this far, congratulations!  The above list is as comprehensive as we could make it and we will continue to update this blog to ensure this resource is always relevant.  I hope you found some value in the article.  Again, if you have an idea for how to use VR in your business, but don’t know where to start, feel free to email me and get the conversation started.  alan@metavrse.com