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Over the past 4 years, we have developed our own proprietary rendering engine with the idea that creating 3D and XR experiences should be easy, ubiquitous, and agnostic regardless of platform, browser, or device. By powering 3D content creation and distribution entirely within the browser, the MetaVRse Engine is designed to unlock 3D and XR content for millions of people.


Web-based end-to-end solution

Build once, deploy everywhere

OS, browser & device agnostic

Synchronous communication

No coding required!

Robust JavaScript support for supernerds

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“The MetaVRse Engine is an important new tool in the no-code movement – it enables all of us to create high-quality interactive 3D experiences.”

Terry Schussler, Senior Director of Spatial Computing, Deutsche Telekom

“MetaVRse has massive potential. Design and publish 3D content in minutes, not weeks.”

Sikaar Keita, XR LAB Leader, Oracle

“The MetaVRse 3D/XR engine is amazing and it is going to change the world.”

Mary Lim, Manager of Instructor Training & Program Development, Vancouver Film School

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Latest News

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