CES 2017 Virtual & Augmented Reality Highlights

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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is literally the Mecca of tech nerds from around the world.  This show sees over 175,000 attendees and encompasses over 2.4 million square feet over multiple locations.  With over 7,500 media representatives in attendance, CES is also THE place where new technologies launch ground breaking, earth-shattering technologies and the VR community was well represented this year.  Although I did not have the chance to attend this year, I have been following the VR media carefully so here is a roundup of the virtual and augmented reality highlights from CES 2017.

Rather than attempt to butcher amazing media coverage from the world’s professionals, I am going to put a link to the articles so you can take a deep dive into the VR/AR stories you are interested in from CES.  

NOTE: All of the news below is VR for business, marketing or enterprise.  Gaming is not covered unless it has some business potential.  I have purposely left out things that I think will be rendered obsolete in the near term and also things that I feel are going to end up vaporware.



  • Intel’s ‘Merged Reality’ Demo Brings Actual Hands Into VR on Oculus Rift [Link]
  • Mobile Room-Scale VR ‘Fully Doable’ With Vive Tracker Says Dev [Link]
  • KwikVR Wireless Kit For Rift and Vive Releases in March for Around $300 [Link]
  • SketchAR Trace Over AR Images [Link]
  • Dr. Oz is Using VR to Create The ‘Google Maps’ of the Human Body [Link]
  • ‘Mindshow’ CEO: Let’s you Create your own VR experiences [Link]
  • Lumus Showed Off New AR Glasses With 55-Degree Field Of View [Link]
  • The Pico Neo CV Is A Fully Untethered, Positionally Tracked VR Headset [Link]
  • Dell Precision 7720 Is A VR-Ready Laptop Using Nvidia Quardo GPUs [Link]
  • Hands-On at CES With Intel’s Project Alloy Standalone VR Headset [Link]
  • Forget 4K — The Insta360 Pro Is An 8K 360-Degree VR Camera [Link]
  • ‘HOLO CUBE’ Lets You Hold And Play With AR In The Palm Of Your Hand [Link]
  • Eye-Tracking VR Headset FOVE 0 Costs $599 [Link]
  • Vuze Is An $800 VR Camera Releasing In March With 3D Audio Support [Link]
  • Ricoh Unveils The First 360° Recording and Livestreaming For 24hrs [Link]
  • Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming Notebook And Alienware Hardware For VR [Link]
  • The First Oculus-Powered Bar In Las Vegas [Link]
  • ASUS ZenFone AR, First Daydream and Tango Ready Smartphone [Link]
  • Gap And Google Just Showed Us How AR Shopping Will Work [Link]
  • Samsung Confirms 5 Million Gear VR Mobile Headsets Sold To Date [Link]
  • Intel’s CES 2017 Press Conference Put The Audience Inside VR [Link]
  • HTC Announces Vive Tracker to Power Next Generation VR Accessories [Link]
  • Intel Project Alloy Debuts Multiplayer Merged Reality Gaming [Link]
  • Lenovo’s Windows Holographic VR Headset Debuts At CES [Link]
  • Tactai Gets In Touch With Ericsson For AR and VR ‘Dynamic Tactile Wave’ Tech [Link]
  • Hubblo 360-Degree VR Camera That Makes Streaming 4K In 3D Portable [Link]
  • ODG Debuts Two New AR Glasses Aimed At Consumer Market [Link]
  • Faraday Future Used VR To Design Their Flagship “Fully Connected” Car [Link]

Other VR/AR Coverage From CES