The Decision to Rebrand MetaVRse

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When MetaVRse was founded in early 2016, we had a goal of becoming the world’s most advanced and futuristic virtual reality arcade. We delved deep into the new world of VR; learning, experimenting, and pushing the technology to its limits. It quickly became apparent that VR’s potential wasn’t well understood, and while the industry’s focus on virtual reality for gaming had given the platform traction with consumers, it had left a void in solutions for business and marketing – and we weren’t the only ones to notice. Without any major authorities in the industry to turn to, brands we had connected with began contacting us to create new content and applications to use in their content and experiential marketing campaigns. From there, our direction slowly began shifting from virtual reality for entertainment to virtual and augmented reality for business.

The decision to rebrand

The original MetaVRse branding was comprised of surreal imagery and futuristic display fonts mixed with a slight 80’s retro VR style, built around an overall space theme, and a primarily red/black palette. This worked well for us during our entertainment stages but became increasingly irrelevant as time went on. Here’s why:

Problem: Red
In colour psychology, red generally elicits a passionate response in the observer. However, the emotion associated with the response varies from person to person and may be perceived as either positive or negative. For some, red demonstrates excitement, strength, power, and energy. For others, red demonstrates aggression, conceit, dominance, and warning – particularly when used in tandem with black. With our newfound path along the business and enterprise side of VR & AR, we determined there were other colours that communicated our message much more vividly than red.

Problem: Arcade Design Style
Simply put, big, bold fonts and surreal images of VR headsets floating in front of a nebula also didn’t portray the message we wanted to communicate. The style was eye-catching, but was designed for an arcade.

Problem: Irrelevant Tagline
The MetaVRse logo consists of three elements: the stylized AV embedded into the wordmark with the tagline hanging out below. It was designed to be versatile – either the entire logo can be used or just the AV symbol. The AV represents the two core parts of our business: Augmented and Virtual reality. The original tagline, Elevate Reality, didn’t speak to what we do and, as such, was scrapped.

The new MetaVRse logo

Solution: Blue

After numerous concepts and colour combinations, it was ultimately decided that the new colour should be in the blue spectrum, and landed on a variation of cyan. Cyan maintains its blue roots but is far enough away on the spectrum to avoid being perceived as a ‘safe and corporate’ blue. When used as an accent, cyan represents our creative ability while being offset a carefully crafted neutral colour pallete and minimal design style. Additionally, blue-spectrum colours nearly always elicit a positive response in the observer. This colour demonstrates creativity, inspiration, innovation, energy, success, infinity, and both modernism and futurism – which aligns with MetaVRse‘s current path and principles.

Solution: Clean and Minimal Designs

The new brand design style is minimal and precise, and now primarily uses a neutral colour palette with subtle hints of cyan as an accent. It departs from the former arcade style and, instead, introduces a unique classy/futuristic mixture that represents our values and speaks to our desired public perception. The colour palette coupled with the new design style communicates the message that we are creative, serious leaders – and we mean business.


Solution: Updated Tagline

Finally, while the core of the logo remains unchanged (aside from a colour change), the tagline has been revamped to reflect both core parts of the business: virtual + augmented reality. The use of the plus sign subconsciously indicates that VR and AR both play key roles in the equation to our solutions. Although somewhat contradictory to the AV symbol, the tagline begins with virtual instead of augmented because of the popularity and dominance of VR. But who knows, maybe once AR rises in popularity we’ll refresh the tagline again.