Virtual & Augmented Reality for Pharmaceutical Companies

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Our mission at MetaVRse is “To use Virtual & Augmented Reality to improve the human experience” so when I was approached by a major pharmaceutical company to present VR/AR and how it might be used in their business, I was really excited at the possibilities.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree (B.Sc.) in Molecular Biology, and I used to be a sales rep for a pharmaceutical company, Leo Pharma out of university so I could immediately see the potential for using virtual reality to educate sales reps, doctors and patients. The first question that came to mind was…

“What if we could make useful VR applications that would help patients understand their condition?”

With really strict regulations on how pharmaceutical companies can communicate with patients (at least in Canada), I saw a unique opportunity to use a concept called ‘Utilitarian Marketing’ or making products that serve a purpose and have a use in a person’s life.  Think of Google Maps, this is a vital tool that millions of people cannot live without that is free.  There is already a mounting case for using VR across all medical disciplines.  Dr. Ted Jones is already using VR in his pain clinic with the following results:

  • Pain reductions of 60-70% during the VR treatment
  • 30-50% pain reduction immediately after treatment
  • This effect lasted up to 48 hours after treatment
  • No patients reported any dizziness, headache or nausea

For many years, pharmaceutical companies have been struggling with how to best serve the needs of their customers (patients, doctors, nurses, hospital administration, insurance companies) in the digital age while maintaining stringent specifications on their marketing messages while increasing sales and bottom line for investors.  When you look at the entire spectrum of stakeholders are as a whole, you start to understand that Virtual and Augmented Reality is not just another digital marketing tool like social media, but rather a new communication medium for educating all stakeholders across the spectrum.

Below I outline a few ways that VR is being studied and used in the fields of medicine and pharmaceuticals. Hopefully this list serves to get your mind thinking about the possibilities and how you can begin using this incredible new technology in your company.  If you are interested in having our team at MetaVRse consult with you and create something, feel free to contact me:

There are over 100 clinical research papers that are already published that show proven positive clinical outcomes using VR in managing chronic pain, anxiety and depression

Dr. Sonya Kim, CEO – One Caring Team

Virtual and Augmented Reality for Patients

  1. VR Guided Meditation
  2. Treatment of phobias
  3. Pain Management during hospital stays
  4. Pain Management
  5. Pre-Visualization of procedures to minimize stress
  6. Treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  7. Addiction Treatment and Therapy

Virtual and Augmented Reality for Doctors

  1. Surgical Simulation Training
  2. Pre-Surgery Visualization
  3. 3D Virtual Reality MRI and CT Visualization
  4. Augmented Reality Detail Cards and promotional materials
  5. 360° Video Training
  6. Virtual & Augmented Reality Medical School training

Virtual and Augmented Reality for Nurses

  1. Augmented Reality Vein Viewer
  2. VR for patient distraction
  3. Empathy training

Many pharmaceutical companies know they need to create more value-added products and services that directly affect customer behaviour.   There is a huge opportunity to accomplish this by introducing beyond the pill innovations such as virtual and augmented reality.  Pharma companies are faced with the challenge of collecting, deciphering and utilizing mountains of big data and they have struggled with using social media effectively.  A new wave of consumerism in health is fueled by patients access to Google and VR/AR may be the best way for these companies to help physicians, nurses and hospital administrators treat patients more effectively, put big data into actionable insights, personalize training and communications with physicians and utilize digital tools to drive more efficient revenue while doing good for the world.