My experience at VRLA 2017

Alan Smithson The Blog

Two weeks ago I had the incredible pleasure of being invited to participate on a panel at the world’s largest VR/AR conference, VRLA.  I have been to other conferences before (SVVR, VRTO), but nothing prepared me for the sheer size of this conference that is 100% dedicated to virtual and augmented reality.  One of the first things I noticed was the conference was attended by all major players in the space; Oculus, HTC Vive, Unity, Unreal, Intel, Microsoft and so many more.  This was the first time I had seen all of these players under one roof and it was amazing!  Another thing I noticed was that the conference was heavily focused on gaming and entertainment, but hidden amongst all the fun were some gems for enterprise and business minded people looking for VR/AR solutions like me.  Here are some of the things I saw at VRLA 2017 that I found interesting.


VRLA Panel Discussion: 

Transported is a really great platform for real estate agents to list 360° tours of properties using consumer-grade cameras without learning any code.  This drag and drop system was one of the simplest and most elegant I have seen.

G-Audio Lab is an immersive audio platform that gives you true 6DOF 360° audio.  This means you can now walk around in VR and the audio will respond as if it does in the real world thus leading to greater immersion.  

UploadVR opened their new LA office and has overnight created THE hub for VR/AR in the LA area.  The office is equipped with a full mixed reality (green screen) studio and is fully occupied already with some of the world’s next leading companies.

Vicarious VR is a social platform that allows users to take 2D and 360° photos and videos and create stunning social media presentations to share with friends via VR or mobile.

Radiant Images is the major distributor of 360° cameras on the west coast.  Radiant and their ultra-talented staff bring years of traditional filmmaking rental experience to the table and, trust me, they know their stuff (probably because they invented half the cameras they sell).  Here are some shots of the 360° cameras they sell.

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One of the things I loved the most about VRLA was the chillout zone at the back of the conference where I got to try some of the most incredible trippy visuals of flying through a fractal world and visiting the Galactic Gallery, a new art gallery in space with three dimensional art and a killer soundtrack fully completed by wearing a Subpac (our favourite VR peripheral).

Of course, there was tons more cool stuff, but talking about VR is nothing like experiencing it so get your butt to VRLA next year, I will see you there!