VR/AR Consultancy MetaVRse Named TechWeek Top 100 Rising Startup

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North America’s leading virtual and augmented reality consultancy and inventors of the hottest new experiential marketing product, VR Photo Booth™ have just won the prestigious TechWeek Top 100 in the Rising Startup category.  In only one short year, Toronto based MetaVRse, has worked with a number of Fortune 100 companies producing a diverse range of branded VR and AR experiences.  “In the early days of VR education is paramount. We used events to expose as many people as possible to VR to open our clients’ minds to the potential of this technology to go far beyond entertainment” commented MetaVRse President and Co-Founder, Dan Flatt. “We begin by showing people games and experiences, then we show them training, communication, and collaboration tools, there is a process to getting people interested in using VR/AR in their business, it has to have real ROI”.

“The ultimate potential of this technology is infinite.”

Investments in the VR/AR industry exceeded $2B in 2016 and the industry is on track to grow over 100% annually.  With major tech giants like Google,  Facebook, Samsung and most recently Apple launching new technology in the space, analysts are predicting that VR and AR will supplant mobile as the world’s dominant computing platform as early as 2022. While the consumer entertainment market has seen steady growth, businesses are embracing the potential of immersive experiences for marketing, training, design and more.

Instead of the obvious gaming and entertainment markets, MetaVRse has decided to take a different approach, “The ultimate potential of this technology is infinite.” said Alan Smithson, CEO and Co-Founder, “Enterprise applications for education, training, remote collaboration, communication, vCommerce, data visualization, sales, and marketing are where we have decided to focus our practice.  Our mission at MetaVRse is to use virtual and augmented reality to improve the human experience and we feel we can do this best by working with large companies to bring custom solutions on scale.”