TD Ready for the Future Event

Alan Smithson Industry Updates, The Blog

The financial industry is often seen as being slow to innovate but that is definitely not the case with TD Canada Bank. This September, we joined TD’s marketing department for an employee event called “Ready for the Future”, organized by visionary CMO Theresa McLaughlin to expose her team to new ideas and technologies. MetaVRse was one of six TD partners (along with companies like Facebook, Google and Deloitte Digital) invited to inspire TD employees with our VR and AR innovations. 

We invited guests into our VR Photo Booth, shared 3D Holographic TD logos in our Microsoft Hololens and answered questions about applications of VR/AR inspired by the morning’s Futurist 

keynotes. We’re already working on some amazing new applications of VR and AR to re-imagine the banking experience for the age of immersive technology.