WebAR and the Future of Shopper Marketing

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The closure of major store chains like Sears and Toys R Us are the latest evidence in a major shift in the tides of retail from traditional brick and mortar stores towards e-commerce. 

Traditional retail environments must evolve into spaces that provide unique experiences imprinting a lasting impact on customers and connecting them emotionally to brands. This October, MetaVRse worked with one of Canada’s largest pharmacy chains to create a unique Augmented Reality shopping experience, transforming a specially designed retail environment into an interactive playground that engage customers’ imaginations and emotions by bringing a curated selection of products to life in 3D on their mobile screens.

The Shoppers Drug Mart AR activation was the first commercial activation in the world built on MetaVRse proprietary WebAR platform. Until now, Augmented Reality experiences required the download of a dedicated app to enjoy the experience, resulting in more resistance from users and lower engagement for brands. 

 The Shoppers Drug Mart AR activation removed the app download requirement encouraging more users to participate in this uniquely futuristic shopping experience.

Instructions for WebAR

  1. Update your phone to iOS 11 or Android 7
  2.  Open browser
               a)  Supports Safari on iPhone
    b)  Supports Chrome on Android
  3.  Visit https://shopperstoppicks.com
  4.  Allow Permission to open camera
  5.  Point your phone at the WebAR triggers below.
    NOTE:  Lighting can be an issue with WebAR, make sure there are no shadows that may impede the  trigger.
  6. Make sure to use the red arrow up button to see the full 3D view of each product.