XR For Business Weekly: August 27 | The Latest News in Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality

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In case you missed it, our MetaVRse CEO was on the ‘Social Impactors’ podcast chatting about how virtual reality, education, and decentralized technology make a positive social impact in the world.

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This week we’re focusing on the following industries:
Education & Training
Healthcare & Medical

Article of the Week

‘vCommerce’ is Going to be a MULTI-TRILLION Dollar Business

Alibaba introduced ‘Taobao Buy’, an AR shopping experience that reimagines the way you shop online. The experience, launching later this year, will let you browse and place 3D holograms of select products from their massive online store into your environment to see how they might look in a room. You can look at virtual dishware and see how it looks in front of you before making the final decision to purchase.In cooperation with Microsoft, the service will be available for the Microsoft Hololens.

Taobao Buy


Augmented Reality Art is a True Game Changer

Earlier this summer, the Festival of the Impossible was launched in San Francisco. The festival was an art exhibit in virtual and augmented reality. Adobe’s Head of Augmented Reality Stefano Corazza is also the founder of Festival of the Impossible, and he thinks that this technology will go a long way in the art world. “Augmented reality is a game changer. I think it allows artists to make the world incredibly playful, and to engage people in a deeply emotional way,” says Corazza.


Van Gogh’s Starry Night 360 Experience

Art experiences like this will become more popular as the technology gets better and as people start to discover the beauty of it! This VR Starry Night brings new life to the classic masterpiece. .


Education & Training

University of Hull introduces Mixed Reality Incubator

The University of Hull has launched an accelerator dedicated to developing Mixed Reality tech for the Microsoft HoloLens, promoting collaboration between industry and academia to develop commercial applications for the headset. The program was formulated to help industry to fast-track the adoption of Mixed Reality technology.

Healthcare & Medical

Virtual Reality Can Cure Fear of Heights…Without a Therapist!

There are numerous studies going on to test Virtual reality’s ability to treat/reduce common fears. Most recently, a team of European researchers used VR to help people who have acrophobia – the fear of heights. 44 volunteers who were clinically diagnosed with a fear of heights completed a 2-week long VR treatment program. The program included a virtual coach and simulations such as rescuing a cat from a tree, tossing balls over a ledge, etc. Volunteers were asked how they felt at the end of each session, and also filled out questionnaires at the beginning and end of the entire  program.


AR Apps for Transforming Your Home

Augmented reality can now help you decorate your home! Companies like Behr and Sherwin-Williams offer apps that let you change the colour of your walls in augmented-reality. Plus, décor giant Wayfair has an app that allows you to place their items right into your home, in augmented reality. Apps like these will make it easier for consumers to make changes to their home, because they will be able to better visualize exactly what they’d like.

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