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Media, News & Entertainment

Article of the Week

Major AR news source Next Reality has released their first ever Next Reality 30, a list of people who’ve made the biggest impact on the augmented reality space in the last 12 months. Click on the titles below to see the full lists.

Top 30 People to Watch for in XR 

It’s no surprise that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook and Snapchat’s CEO Evan Spiegel top this list, considering the numerous major AR advances they’ve made happen leading their companies during the last few years. The rest of the list is filled with more people to watch out for, as the technology is ramping up and people are working on it in every industry.

AR Hardware Leaders in XR 

While the list above mentions the leaders in AR in general, this list, as you guessed it, highlights the leaders in AR Hardware. The list includes major players such as Magic Leap and Microsoft, however there are also a number of smaller companies as well.

Software Development Leaders in 2018

Similar to the list above, this list is specific, and in this case it highlights the leaders in AR Software Development. While there are some obvious options such as Amazon (which seems to be trying out all new technologies they can get their hands on,) there are also a number of AR companies making significant strides in AR software.



KLM Airlines Shows you Luggage Sizes in AR

KLM recently launched an AR bag checker, to help customers gauge whether their luggage is within the permitted carry-on dimensions. The feature is available within the KLM iOS app.

Banking & Financial

New Banknotes from South Africa use AR to Show Security Features

The new banknotes from the South African Reserve Bank (Sarb) that honours Nelson Mandela, boasts an interesting new feature that has not been seen on any South African currency – the notes become alive through augmented reality (AR). The main mandate from the Sarb was to educate South Africans on the technical and security aspects of the new notes and make it interactive.

See the full video here.

Media, News & Entertainment

The Weather Channel Uses Broadcast AR to Warn Residents in the Path of Hurricane Florence

The Weather Channel showed off some of its immersive production magic by engulfing its hosts in rising storm surge waters in an effort to show exactly why Hurricane Florence is so dangerous and certain residents should evacuate.


Top Fashion AR Concepts

There are a number of different ways that fashion companies can use AR, most notably ‘Virtual Try-Ons’. Some of these concepts will be possible in the next few months! This is one of our favourites:


Google Chrome Turns 10, the Focus is Now on AI & AR

With over 1 billion people now using Google Chrome, and over 69 versions of the beloved web browser, Google is now focusing on implementing AI and AR in its newer versions. Google plans on improving the browsing experience, by improving AI functionality and increasing AR capabilities. Google aims  to create a “more immersive browsing experience” to allow users to interact with the web and put elements of the web directly in your physical environment. The team envisions:

“Say you’re shopping for a couch online and want to see how it would look in your living room. With the power of AR and Chrome, you’d be able to place a virtual rendition of a couch in your living room, right from your smartphone. This is just one example of how more immersive experiences on Chrome could help you get things done faster. ”

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