3D experiences have the power to transform how people learn, discover, buy, design, and interact with the physical world. But the impact of these technologies has been overshadowed by the time, cost, and talent required to build on traditional game engines and 3D platforms. With that in mind, we built the MetaVRse Engine to make creating 3D experiences as easy as putting together a PowerPoint presentation.

This week we’re excited to share three new experiences showcasing the power of 3D and AR mobile experiences – so you can explore the solar system, remodel a bathroom, or even design a surfboard and preview it in the real world. Each experience was built by a member of our team with no coding or 3D modelling background.

Solar System

Take a journey through space, with the ability to learn about each planet with dynamic animations. Students can learn about day and night, how seasons work, and even take a look inside the Earth’s core. Explore it on your desktop (or better yet, on your phone).

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While the Solar System is a compelling one-person experience, we’re also extending it to take advantage of our latest WebSocket capabilities. This makes it possible for a teacher to take their students through a guided experience, or let them roam through the planets. For a demo of the full power of the Solar System, get in touch with our team for a demo.


Design your own surfboard and then preview it in augmented reality at real-world scale.

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Bathroom Designer

Try various customizations to a bathroom, including various fixture options and colours.

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Check out our full (and growing) suite of experiences on our showcase page. All MetaVRse experiences are capable of running on any modern browser or mobile device, with augmented reality unlocked by a lightweight mobile app.