Corus Entertainment


TV show launch: 'Timeless'


Corus wanted a unique and engaging way to launch their new show “Timeless” which features a giant time machine. MetaVRse was tasked with building a time machine and sending people back in time to the crash of the Hindenburg in 1937. We created an 18’ dome structure with a green screen cube in the center which housed a state-of-the-art 360° camera. People waiting were shown the ‘Timeless’ trailer using Oculus Theatre for the Samsung GearVR virtual reality headset. Guests then entered the ‘Timeless’ time machine and had their photo taken. Once the photo was taken, guests exited the VR Photobooth™ to view and manipulate their photo on a 55” touch screen monitor. Guests were then emailed their 360° photo to view on mobile, desktop, or VR, and share on Facebook.

“We were so happy to work with you guys on this, the final result looks absolutely amazing.”

Karen Geller, Manager, Media Strategy - Corus Entertainment

Technology used

  • Samsung GearVR
  • Oculus Theatre
  • Samsung Gear 360 Camera
  • MetaVRse VR Photobooth™ with custom exterior frame
  • Custom 360° touchscreen photo viewer


360° photos taken

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