Patio Interactive

Augmented Reality Teleportal

Genesys is the world’s largest customer support company, fielding over 25 Billion support calls per year. Genesys has been experimenting with Virtual & Augmented Reality for 2 years and was looking for a strategic development partner that could help expedite projects to deliver a vision that will allow customers to use VR/AR to provide better customer experiences, journeys and relationships in the future. They wanted to feature their artificial intelligence platform, KATE AI in a way that was customer-centric.

After a successful demonstration of the AR Hologram, the second project is quite a bit more complex. Using every ounce of power from the new iPad Pro, we built an augmented reality teleportal using Apple’s ARKit that allows customers to walk through into another world revealing the magic of a Majestic cruise location. Once through the portal, you can look around and even look back through the portal to the real world.

Technology used

  • Apple ARKit
  • Apple iPad Pro
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Maya
  • Custom MetaVRse Software