Using Textures

The Metavrse Engine supports textures with baked-in features (such as lights and shadows) and does not apply any preferential treatment to textures with baked-in features. Simply Drag and Drop your texture onto the corresponding mesh and everything should automatically get applied.

Video: Importing & Applying Textures

Important Notes

  • Most textures use the R channel by default unless specifically stipulated during the creation process; the only exception is Opacity where the A (Alpha) channel is used by default to represent transparencies.
  • Textures with baked-in features still require Scene lights and/or a skybox environment to be visible. Baked features do not actually light up textures, objects, or scenes; they are illusions to represent a particular lighting effect.
  • Our solution does not offer UV mapping functionality, as this is available on all 3D creation tools (Maya, 3D Max, Cinema 4D, Blender etc.). One the UVs have been mapped, it’s a simple drag and drop scenario in our Web Editor.
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