About Us


“A collective virtual shared space, including the sum of all virtual worlds, augmented reality, and the internet.”

Our mission:

Increase sales and customer satisfaction through vCommerce

By the end of 2018, there will be over 1.6 Billion AR-enabled devices in the world.  Over the next few years, we will experience a major shift in human communication from 2D to 3D as we move from mobile phone devices to wearable glasses technologies.  Every major company in the world from Amazon to Apple understands this shift and are working to make this next phase of computing a reality.

MetaVRse started in April 2016 as a VR/AR agency with the slogan ‘We do eVRything’.  We realized early that the key to success was to demonstrate this revolutionary technology so over the past two years, we have done over 3000 live demos, our principles have spoken at over 75 conferences and events and we have successfully delivered over 50 VR/AR projects.  

We are constantly pushing the limits of this technology to invent incredible products for the world.  Some of the highlights of our experience so far include:

After completing so many incredible projects, we came to the realization that our greatest strength was in vCommerce so we have decided to dedicate our entire resources to this exploding field.   So whether you sell shoes or glasses, housewares or watches, MetaVRse is here to make the next generation of tools for you.

Thought Leadership

Special Presentation

Predictions: The World in 2038

CEO Alan Smithson shares his thoughts and predictions about the future of technology and what the world might look like in 2038.
Special Presentation

The State of VR/AR Investing

Metavrse CEO Alan Smithson gives an insightful presentation on the current state of the VR & AR market and where it’s headed.