PRESS RELEASE – TheMall Announcement

May 2nd, 2022|

MetaVRse introduces TheMall, a virtual retail destination in the Metaverse 100 Floors, 100 million square feet of retail and entertainment space available as NFT’s

The MetaMall: Retail in Cyberspace

April 13th, 2022|

"I believe what TheMall represents is a kind of 'defining disruption' of the kinds that Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk brought us." - Sanford Stein

The Best Metaverse Super Bowl Ads

February 14th, 2022|

This post is adapted from Alan Smithson's “The Best Metaverse Superbowl Ads” over on Medium; check it out here. Super Bowl LVI was an

The Metaverse Manifesto

January 1st, 2022|

Metaverse Manifesto, Guiding Principles for a better Web3.0 (Image: Adobe) This post is adapted from Alan Smithson's “The Metaverse Manifesto” over on

Alan Smithson Featured on Bold Stories Podcast

November 19th, 2021|

On a podcast that brings together innovative leaders who rise to business challenges, join MetaVRse co-founder Alan Smithson, Media.Monks' Catherine D. Henry, and author Galit Ariel to discuss how brands should embrace the immersive experiences of AR to get ahead.

A Brand Guide to The Metaverse

October 12th, 2021|

With the addition of LiDAR 3D scanners on phones, VR headsets hitting the mainstream and over 7 billion devices capable of rendering high-quality 3D experiences instantly and with insane download and latency speeds being delivered by 5G, brands now have a unique opportunity to build their contribution to The Metaverse.

MetaVRse awarded Epic MegaGrant from Epic Games

October 5th, 2021|

MetaVRse today announced its receipt of an Epic MegaGrant from Epic Games, creators of the Unreal Engine, for further development of interoperability between MetaVRse and Unreal Engine.

A look into e-commerce — and more — in the metaverse

October 4th, 2021|

Imagine you are having coffee with a friend in the park. She mentions a pair of sneakers she likes and suggests you might like them too. In an instant, a selection of sneakers flashes up into your peripheral vision.