The future of digital marketing is 3D

Create fully interactive 3D and mobile AR product experiences that work instantly. Any device. Everywhere.

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Augmented reality ecommerce and 3D product experiences have never been in greater demand

Studies show that 3D/AR experiences unlock major increases in engagement and conversions:

  • 25X higher click-through rate (CTR)
  • 10X higher engagement times
  • 33% higher conversion rates
  • 23% lower cost per click (CPC)
  • 6x more time spent on webpages

But building 3D and mobile AR experiences typically requires dedicated developers, massive budgets, and a lengthy creative design process. The MetaVRse Engine is the first 3D content creation suite designed for non-coders to build fully interactive experiences.

You can create stunning product experiences that allow users to explore from any angle, and try out colors, sizes, and customization options. Your experience can be run on almost any computer or mobile device, and with augmented reality on Android and iPhone, your customers can see what your products would look like in the real world.

The MetaVRse Engine is designed to unlock 3D and XR content for billions of people – as simple and easy as making a slide deck.

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“Building from MetaVRse is 3 times faster and 2 times simpler than building with Unity. Design and publish 3D content in minutes, not weeks.” —Sikaar Keita, Head of XR Lab at Oracle

Product Visualization

Product Visualization, Customization, and Configuration

Omnichannel Experience

Omnichannel Experience Merging Physical and Digital with Virtual Channels

“Try Before You Buy”

“Try Before You Buy” Customer Experience

Virtual Showrooms

Virtual Showrooms

IoT Sensors and Business Intelligence

Connect IoT Sensors and Business Intelligence Tools

Immersive and Scalable Training

Immersive and Scalable Training

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The MetaVRse Engine makes it easy to share and distribute 3D content on any modern browser or device. Click through to the experiences below, or scan a QR code using your phone’s camera app for mobile augmented reality. It’s that simple.

Solar System

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Car Explorer

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Surfboard Designer

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Bathroom Configurator

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Room Configurator

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Shoe Designer

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What’s under the hood?

WYSIWYG previewer

Real-time communication

No coding required with Code Snippets

Javascript coding for supernerds

Copy and paste code for websites

QR code


Lighting and camera controls

Change textures, colors, opacity, and more

Supports multiple formats: FBX, OBJ, etc.

Multiple configurations in the same scene

Multiple objects in the same scene

Heads Up Display (HUD) 2D button creation

3D object manipulation (Gizmo)

Motion tracking

Environmental understanding

Light estimation

Native iOS/Android app

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MetaVRse is already transforming your industry. Ready to get on board?

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