The MetaVRse Engine is a fully web-based design and development tool. Create immersive 3D and virtual, augmented, and mixed reality (XR) experiences, and deploy them across multiple operating systems, browsers, and devices with little or no code – as simple and easy as making a slide deck. Now anyone can be a creator.

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Web-Based End-to-End Solution

The MetaVRse Editor integrates with our cloud hosting service and empowers users to easily create and showcase interactive 3D & XR experiences to all audiences.

  • Import existing files from external sources or utilize our asset store

  • Multiple 3D object support & configuration

  • Drag-and-drop, selection, and slider editing functionality

  • Customizable backgrounds & animations

Build Once, Deploy Everywhere

The MetaVRse Engine runs on our efficient 3D rendering core. Designed as a mobile first architecture, it empowers life-like experiences on all devices.

  • Preview before you publish

  • WebAR utilizing ARCore/ARKit with our universal framework

  • Embed into any website

  • Publish to iOS or Android apps, create a QR code, and VR/MR headsets (coming soon)

OS, Browser & Device Agnostic

Our powerful rendering technology empowers businesses to maximize reach while simplifying 3D and XR content creation, curation, and consumption.

  • Operating Systems: MacOS, Windows, Linux

  • Browsers: Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer

  • Devices: Phone, tablet, computer, VR HMDs, AR glasses

No Coding Required with Templates!

Build, share, sell, and import easy-to-use templates.

  • ~50% time savings

  • No need to build from scratch

  • Shareable on all platforms and apps

  • Distribute and sell in our Asset Store

Create with Javascript or Code Snippets

Non-coding professionals can build and edit with little training, while our evolving JavaScript support gives developers more robust under-the-hood capabilities.

  • Customize and make each experience interactive

  • Pre-built code snippets easily imported

  • Code Snippet library in Asset Store

  • Add or edit existing Javascript code directly in the editor

Synchronous Communication

Remote and distributed teams can easily collaborate and communicate with the MetaVRse Engine’s synchronous capabilities.

  • Shared 3D & XR experiences

  • Facilitator Mode enables one-to-many experiences through additional controls

  • Hardware-agnostic across computer, tablet, phone, and VR/MR headsets at the same time

  • Edit 3D objects, scenes and experiences with others in real-time

3D Object Features

Supports multiple formats: FBX, OBJ, GLTF (full list)

Import objects in a few simple steps with Multiple Object Import

Drag and drop objects into a scene

Change textures, colors, opacity, ambient occlusion, normals, and more

Multiple objects in the same scene

Rendering pipeline options for standard shader and physically based rendering (PBR)

3D Scene Features

Drag and drop Code Snippets for 3D object control

Heads Up Display (HUD) 2D button creation

Real-time communication

Javascript coding

No coding required with Code Snippets

Lighting and camera controls

Multiple configurations in the same scene

Ability to group objects

Custom skyboxes and high dynamic range (HDR) images

World Controller


3D object manipulation (Gizmo)

Multi-object support

Publishing Features

WYSIWYG previewer

Public URL for web (private coming soon)


Native iOS/Android app

Copy and paste code for websites


QR code

VR and MR headsets

WebXR compatible

Augmented Reality Features

Motion tracking

Environmental understanding

Light estimation


We’ve created the MetaVRse Engine to make 3D and XR content creation powerful, universal, and easy to use. Our roadmap is continually evolving based on feedback from our users, and is subject to change. (Last updated on August 3, 2020.)

Q2 2020

  • 2D Client Analytics & Dashboard

  • 3D Manipulation Tool (Gizmo)

  • Apple ARKit Integration

  • Autosave

  • Google ARCore Integration

  • Native WebSocket

  • Universal Platform Support

  • Web3D

Q3 2020

  • 3D Store Integrations

  • Animation Suite

  • Audio & Video

  • Data Flow Diagram

  • Embedded Textures

  • Multiple Screen Editing

  • Multi-User (Experience)

  • Particle Generator

  • Physics Engine

  • Publish iOS/Android App

  • Real-Time Collaboration

  • Text Integration

  • WebAR Lite (2D/3D Image Recognition, SLAM)

Q4 2020

  • 3D Content Management System

  • Content Distribution

  • Custom Shaders

  • Editable Menus

  • Facial Recognition for Face Filters

  • File Delivery System

  • LMS Integration

  • Language Localization

  • Multi-User (Editor)

  • Native Support for Oculus Quest & NReal

  • RIghts Management

  • Remote Assistance

  • Translation Mode/Google Translate

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