What is XR?

Virtual, augmented and mixed reality together comprise “extended reality” or “XR.”

  • Virtual reality is an artificial digital environment that completely replaces the real world. When you put on a VR headset, everything you see has been generated by a computer. However, the concept is becoming increasingly complex and nuanced as the boundaries between virtual reality and augmented reality blur, and the two modes merge at various points of the “immersive spectrum.”
  • Augmented reality is the overlay of digital content on top of your current view of the real world. This can either be experienced through wearable “smart glasses,” or mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. While there are currently many companies actively developing AR wearables, but the technology is still evolving. As a result, the most pervasive AR applications are those designed for handheld devices.
  • Mixed reality enables you to interact with and manipulate both physical and virtual items and environments, using next-generation sensing and imaging technologies. It provides the ability to mash the real world together with imaginary places, breaking down basic concepts between real and imaginary, offering an experience that can change the way you communicate.

These technologies are set to disrupt enterprise across nearly aspect of modern life, including healthcare, retail, marketing, manufacturing, engineering, training and education. Learn more.

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