Coming Soon: Micro-Credentials for MetaVRse Engine Creators

Excited about building with our low-code engine, but need a little guidance?

Our mission is to make 3D creation accessible for everyone, so we’re developing microcredential courses: MetaVRse Engine User (Beginner Level), MetaVRse Engine Creator, and MetaVRse Engine Editor.

These courses build on one another, so if you are an absolute beginner, you can start with the first course and then continue on with the others. The MetaVRse Engine was built to make 3D creation easy, and the User course will help you get started.

MetaVRse clients who want to modify their MetaVRse projects in-house or start new ones will find all the support they need here.

In the MetaVRse microcredential courses, experts will guide your learning with demonstrations and tips on how to bring your imagination to life with MetaVRse.

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