MetaVRse Engine rendering takes place on the local host device (phone, laptop, tablet etc.). Our cloud services are modeled around the seamless hosting and serving of 3D experiences to all devices. We have discussed hybrid rendering to offload some of the heaviest tasks to the edge; however at this time it is not our primary focus, as the 5G infrastructure required is still in its infancy.

On a broader level, there are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches. Rendering on local devices is a more reliable and stable solution that is not so dependent on a steady super-fast connection. As personal devices get more powerful every year, their capabilities to render complex 3D experiences increases exponentially. Cloud rendering, on the other hand, has limitless computing potential, and with a stable and fast 5G connection can render life like experiences. The downfall is that it is still prohibitively expensive for the average user to pay for continuous access to cloud-enabled high-power GPUs, and stable 5G-connected devices and infrastructure are still very scarce.