What is the MetaVRse Engine?2020-05-26T12:26:36-04:00

The MetaVRse Engine is a web-based tool designed to make XR and 3D content creation powerful, universal, and easy to use. It features a no-code/low-code template system, automatic embedding into any website or iOS/Android app, and a range of powerful tools to make lightweight and universal demos for business and education.

What platforms do you support?2020-05-26T12:28:09-04:00

The MetaVRse Engine automatically generates code for embedding 3D/XR experiences into existing websites as well as iOS and Android apps. We will offer VR and MR hardware integrations in the near future.

How robust is the engine?2020-05-26T18:32:45-04:00

The MetaVRse Engine is powered by an ultra-optimized proprietary rendering core that is capable of displaying over 1 million polygons with 16,000 textures on a mobile device.

Do you support mobile devices?2020-05-26T12:30:44-04:00

Demos created by the MetaVRse Engine can be accessed on any modern mobile device, such as an iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or tablet. However, you require a Mac, PC, or Linux computer with a modern browser to build with the engine.

What’s the difference between the free and paid versions?2020-05-26T18:29:15-04:00

See our Pricing section for details.

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