As global brands continue to embrance world-changing technologies, Immersive Wire and Canadian Business published features this week with MetaVRse co-founder Alan Smithson focusing on the next generation of marketing and the rise of virtual real estate:

“Skeptics will say ‘Well, the metaverse is infinite. Why are you putting confines on it?’ But if I say to clients ‘Just build whatever and wherever you want, and just go nuts,’ they won’t know where to go. We’re also not a get-rich-quick scheme. We’re interested in long-term value creation. It took us years to build the infrastructure for this.

If you asked me a year and a half ago whether somebody would pay real money for virtual land, I would have said ‘You’re insane.’ But we thought: If this is going to work, it can’t just be like a Ponzi scheme where I buy a real estate asset, sell it to you and then you sell it and it’s all held up with nothing…. We want people to have experiences that make it worthwhile to stay.”

– MetaVRse co-founder Alan Smithson, “Your Next Home May Be in the Metaverse

Over at Tom Fiske‘s Immersive Wire (a weekly window into virtual, augmented, and extended reality technologies), Alan was among the panel of experts quoted in the Marketer’s Guide to the Metaverse. The guide includes key insights on how top marketeers are tapping into the potential of the metaverse, and is aimed at helping businesses capitalize on the next emerging trend in a tasteful and authentic way.

“Much like the internet before, [the metaverse] breaking down the barriers between people and products, offering a more intimate and powerful way to connect with one another.”