This post is adapted from Alan Smithson’s “The Best Metaverse Superbowl Ads” over on Medium; check it out here.

Super Bowl LVI was an epic battle between the LA Rams and Cincinnati Bengals, with the Rams coming out on top (23–20) in their hometown Sofi Stadium in the heart of Los Angeles. Halftime was thrown down by Dre, Snoop, Marshall, Kenrick, and Mary J Blige, and with an estimated 117 million viewers watching, the largest brands in the world brought the best of the best.

With well over 1 million articles and counting referencing the term ‘Metaverse’ in the past nine months, brands selling or mentioning Web3, XR, AI, and/or Crypto brought their A game to the most watched ad space in the world. Here are some of the best Metaverse-related ads played during the Super Bowl.

Salesforce – The New Frontier

Salesforce reminds us that, no matter how much we do online, it is our Earth that provides our home. Nature is the greatest of all the realities, so we should choose #TeamEarth

Coinbase – QR

In this genius add for crypto company Coinbase, we are reminded of how a simple QR code can create a frenzy of excitement. In this case, the Coinbase app got so many hits, it broke the internet!

In case you were wondering, this is the screen you were sent to when you clicked the QR code.

Oculus – Old Friends, New Fun

This ad from Meta tells the creative story of a… well, it’s made to promote Oculus. This one shouldn’t be spoiled – just watch it!

Miller Lite – Definitely Probably

MetaLight (I mean, Miller Light) is all in on the Metaverse in this fun ad that pokes fun at itself; “it’s like real life, but with worse graphics.”

Kia – Dogmented Reality

Kia took it to a whole new level with their AR app that let’s you put their Robodog in your space. – Fortune Favors the Brave

“Fortune Favors The Brave” is the rallying call of Matt Damon for this ad promoting

As you can see, the Metaverse (XR, AI, Blockchain) is alive and very much dominating popular culture right now; let’s all strike the iron while it’s hot, and do our best to continue spreading the good word about the magic of XR!