At MetaVRse, our mission is to unlock the power of spatial computing for everyone, with the world’s first engine designed to quickly build and deploy incredible interactive 3D and XR experiences on all platforms, browsers and devices. Today, we’re excited to share our latest updates to the MetaVRse Engine.

  • Rendering 2x faster on web and mobile. Performance is absolutely critical, especially with large 3D models on resource-constrained systems. Our latest update represents a major improvement to rendering times.
  • WebSockets for real-time communication. Now it’s possible for multiple users to collaborate within the same scene, as well as pass information between each other! WebSocket support unlocks collaborative applications everywhere, from classrooms to boardrooms.
  • New search functionality in editor. Finding assets in your project is easier than ever with built-in search.
  • Editor walkthrough and helper videos. Our new onboarding process highlights key areas with useful information. We’ve also packaged a number of helper videos within the Editor itself, so that you’re not alone.
  • Updated universal font. This is a subtle change, but it makes a huge difference across the overall Editor experience.
  • Various improvements and bug fixes. These include changes to embed codes, password resets, UI improvements, expanded analytics backend, and much more.

Moving into July, we’re focused on further performance improvements, improved analytics with user-facing dashboards, extending the capabilities unlocked by WebSockets, and making it easier to add 3D assets and create animations. Check out our official development roadmap, and follow us on Twitter @MetaVRse or on LinkedIn to get the latest updates.