MetaVRse Launches Frontfundr Campaign to Deliver 3D Web Engine

World-Leading 3D Web Engine Makes It Easy to Create Interactive Experiences for 7 Billion Devices

TORONTO, August 2, 2023 – MetaVRse, the leading spatial computing engine for the 3D web, today announces the launch of its crowdfunding campaign on FrontFundr, Canada’s leading online private markets investing platform. Investors around the world can stake their claim at

Founded in 2016, MetaVRse has established itself as a leading player in the spatial computing and extended reality (XR) industry by delivering purpose-built solutions to global enterprises inluding Samsung, Microsoft, Siemens Healthineers, T-Mobile, Mars-Wrigley, and Mastercard. Their advanced MetaVRse Engine is now being made available to creators – providing a seamless way to create and share interactive 3D experiences instantly on the web.

This crowdfunding campaign is an invitation to everyday investors to help MetaVRse deliver the powerful tools their team uses every day into the hands of a vibrant creator community – and shape the future of spatial computing and the 3D web.

“Our mission is to democratize 3D web creation, empowering millions of creators who are currently restricted by platforms requiring advanced skills,” said Paul Konieczny, CEO of MetaVRse. “With every business slated to have a metaverse presence or 3D website by 2030, and >25 million web developers worldwide, we see enormous growth potential over the next two years.”

For the first 15 years of the web, the vast majority of users were simply consumers. This changed when smartphones, blogging platforms, social media, and YouTube made everybody a creator. But while anyone can now make a 2D video or website, 3D content remains in the hands of a select few. Creating 3D content is often laborious, time-consuming, and expensive, demanding specialized expertise and tools.

The MetaVRse Engine enables users to build their own 3D interactive experiences, akin to what platforms like Figma and Canva have done for 2D design. Offering diverse revenue streams, MetaVRse has already proven its market viability with enterprise SaaS subscriptions, custom development services, 3D collaborative spaces, and virtual property leasing and sales.

“The future of the internet is spatial, and MetaVRse is at the forefront of this revolution,” said co-founder Alan Smithson. “We have a robust exit strategy as competition intensifies for dominance in the spatial computing landscape.”

FrontFundr’s online platform offers a unique opportunity for everyday investors to participate in MetaVRse’s journey. Investments can be made in under 12 minutes, starting from as little as $250.

For more information on MetaVRse’s crowdfunding campaign and to invest, visit

About MetaVRse

MetaVRse is a 3D creation platform for the future of human communication, collaboration, culture, and commerce.  MetaVRse makes it easy to create and share interactive 3D experiences instantly on the web. Since 2016, MetaVRse Studio has created hundreds of 3D, virtual, augmented and mixed reality (XR) projects for the world’s top brands. Learn more at

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