MetaVRse co-founders Alan & Julie Smithson recently had the opportunity to showcase our groundbreaking work (and unveil our current and upcoming projects) to the esteemed members of SIGGRAPH’s Toronto chapter. We’re thrilled to share an abridged video that covers our latest milestone developments.

SIGGRAPH, a special interest group under the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), stands tall as the preeminent conference for computer graphics professionals. To say that the MetaVRse team was honoured to present our product suite, and the MetaVRse Engine that makes them all possible, is something of an understatement!

Meetopia: The next great online social space

One of our newest efforts, Meetopia, took center stage. Meetopia isn’t just another virtual world; it’s a transformative concept that redefines the way we interact in digital spaces. is an interactive, collaborative meeting platform to host private or public meetings, conferences, events, and showcases on the web

TheMall: The massive virtual world for retail

But that’s not all. We also unveiled TheMall, a sprawling virtual world where major brands and enterprises are seamlessly integrating retail and brand experiences, offering limitless possibilities for creators and entrepreneurs. It’s a virtual shopping paradise like no other.

MetaVRse Editor: The world’s most advanced 3D web editor

All these awe-inspiring experiences, including our groundbreaking ultrasound demo, are developed with our powerful MetaVRse Editor.

Stay tuned as we continue to shape the future of digital experiences, one step at a time.