Engineered to create real-time enterprise applications in the Metaverse.

Toronto, Ontario – June 6, 2022 – MetaVRse, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of version 2.0 of the most robust 3D creation platform on the web.  Completely rebuilt from the ground up, MetaVRse Engine 2.0 contains enterprise-grade features from multi-player/editor and git integration, to on-premise hosting and drag and drop support for common 2D and 3D assets. Engine 2.0 consists of a custom WebGL rendering core, low-code, JavaScript enabled editor and universal 3D web-player accessible on over 7 billion devices.

“We have been building interactive and immersive experiences for some of the world’s largest brands using our engine and we realized that in order to offer truly unlimited, global scale, a complete rebuild was necessary” commented MetaVRse Co-Founder, Alan Smithson.  “We began the process in January 2021, and we are super excited to introduce Engine 2.0, what we feel is the fastest and most advanced 3D creation platform on the web.”

Game Engines are the creative platforms by which the ‘Metaverse’ will be built.  Without these tools, creating immersive, interactive 3D content would be a very manual, code intensive process.  The true ‘Metaverse’ will be powered by the technology stack of 3D, XR, avatars, persistent worlds, decentralized assets (Blockchain/NFT), and AI such as Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning.

New MetaVRse Engine 2.0 Features Include:

  • Multi-player / multi-editor
  • Low-code and JavaScript editing
  • Automatic Git backup and repository
  • Physics, spatial audio & video streaming
  • Real-time communication (text, video, audio)
  • Browser based, multi-threading
  • Support for WebXR
  • Team & workspace management
  • Automatic NFT Generator
  • Custom Avatar System
  • Support for mobile, desktop and tablet devices via browser

In addition to these new features, MetaVRse Engine 2.0 now has a full physics engine built-in, and supports most common 2D and 3D assets, OBJ, FBX, GLTF, GLB, JPEG, MP3, MP4, video streaming and real-time communications (text, audio, video).

The MetaVRse Engine has been used for training, marketing, and retail by marquee brands such as, Samsung, Siemens Healthineers, Mastercard, Oracle, Hilti, Pearson Education and many more.

Access to the Engine 2.0 beta version will be available by registering for access at Public access will be available in Q3 2022.

About MetaVRse

MetaVRse is a 3D creation platform for the future of human communication, collaboration, culture, and commerce.  MetaVRse makes it easy to create & share interactive 3D experiences instantly on the web.  Since 2016, MetaVRse Studio has created hundreds of 3D Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality (XR) projects for the world’s top Brands.

Press Contact:
Stefanie Smith
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