MetaVRse CEO Paul Konieczny on Made in CA

As a Canadian company with a global platform, MetaVRse is uniquely positioned to take on the metaverse for enterprise. After all, we sit at the intersection of the three largest markets on earth. This past week, MetaVRse CEO Paul Konieczny was honoured to be interviewed by Made in CA, which celebrates Canadian innovation.

Until now, most people have been locked out of the 3D creation process. Instead, it’s reserved for an elite group of programmers, coders, designers, and artists. By 2030, every organization in the world will leverage 3D technologies, and there will be a massive shortage of talent. Our low-code, real-time 3D creation platform opens up training, marketing, and retail content creation for millions of creators.

I have an engineering background. However, my passion has always been business and entrepreneurship. I’ve started several successful businesses in my career. My last business, “NRI”, was started with a $20,000 loan, and within three years, we grew it to over 100 employees with production facilities in Canada, the U.S.A., and Dubai. NRI was recognized as one of the top 500 fastest-growing companies in Canada. Through this success, I gained invaluable business and entrepreneurial experience that helped to propel me to think big and find solutions to large problems.

Being a serial entrepreneur in 2015, I decided it was time for a change, and a new challenge/opportunity presented itself. With the right tools in hand, I founded the next company on my list called Live Roads. With Live Roads, we developed a set of unique technologies that enabled drivers to have Lane Level navigation right from a mobile phone. Coincidently, one of the technologies we pioneered was a proprietary 3D rendering engine that was used to visualize virtual assets in our 3D map.

About a year after starting Live Roads, I recognized that the most valuable piece was the 3D rendering technology. With that knowledge, we decided to pivot the company to developing a 3D Web Platform that was focused on the 3D technology we had pioneered. This led to the inception of the MetaVRse Engine.

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