TORONTO, July 29, 2022 – MetaVRse is delighted to present ReMix3D, an ultra-exclusive virtual 3D exhibition celebrating the beauty and wonder of the Musée Collection des Arts, at Monaco Art Week in Monte-Carlo hosted under the High Patronage of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco. ReMix3D is a prototype of a new permanent collection that will be located on the 21st floor of TheMall, a 100-million-square-foot virtual retail, entertainment and cultural destination in the metaverse.

“We’re excited to be part of this year’s exhibition, which combines the heights of Enlightenment-era European craftsmanship with technologies including metaverse virtual worlds and NFTs,” said MetaVRse co-founder Alan Smithson, who was featured in a panel discussion led by top industry professionals and artists. “ReMix3D makes it possible to experience these treasures first-hand, and will form the foundation of the world’s first premier permanent art collection in the metaverse.”

The Musée Collection Des Art is one of the largest art private collections in Europe with over 25,000 unique art items. At this year’s Monaco Art Week, the country showcased its local art scene along with an exhibition of golden snuffboxes from the collection.

More than just vessels for holding powdered tobacco, snuffboxes were ceremonial status symbols in 18th century Europe. European masters created snuffboxes from gold, gems, pearls, and other precious materials. The event and guests were brought together by art world luminary Magdalena Gabriel and included representatives from Colombian rum company Dictador and the globally revered Pace Gallery.

“Monaco Art Week celebrates our collective past while shining a spotlight on the future of arts and culture,” continued Smithson. “We’re deeply honoured to share ReMix3D with the world’s leading art collectors, and to bring it worldwide as a foundational part of TheMall.”

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